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Cyras Custom Homes Purpose

Our purpose at Cyras Custom Homes is to create a process that allows us to deliver a home that truly reflect your sensibilities.

We started Cyras Custom Homes in the midst of the housing crisis. The company is based on diversity and experience, and with understanding that home building has dramatically changed. While recognizing that capital is scarce and new inventory is limited, the emphasis is on process and value. At Cyras Custom Homes we utilize the most current technology to allow quick and accurate communication between the customer, builder, architect and vendors and to reduce overhead costs.

While the landscape of the custom home business has changed we have noticed some positive aspects. Primarily, the customers are better educated about their options and the builders and they are more open to products they can research on the internet. Essentially, the more prepared the customer the easier and more enjoyable the custom home building process becomes. We strive to deliver a home that over time rewards a smart and involved buyer.

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