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Build on Your Lot

While most homes are built in planned communities with specific features, design restrictions and amenities, there has recently been a growing movement among customers to purchase a lot or land well in advance of building. Cyras Custom Homes has experience in building on your lot and has developed a short checklist for lot analysis and a comprehensive check list more suitable for land acquisition.


Locate the driveway and designate a place of access for construction activity.


The topography of the lot determines design aspects of the house, drainage on to off from the lot, water retention issues, temporary erosion control structures and outdoor living design.


County maps identify the types of soils by parcel. The exact type, depth and underlying material needs to be verified in the field to assure suitability for construction, drainage, septic systems, wetlands and landscaping concerns.


Trees and other flora should be identified for consideration during the grading and clearing of the lot, wetlands identification, and code compliance or subdivision restrictions.


Electricity, gas, water, sewer, phone and data need to be located off site and on the property. Prior to construction a locator service need to identify existing underground utilites.

Download Lot Analysis ChecklistDownload Lot Analysis Checklist
The "Build on Your Lot" Cyras Custom Homes lot analysis checklist was created in Adobe Acrobat, and you will need Acrobat Reader or another application capable of viewing PDF files to view the lot analysis checklist.